Principal message

According to the ancient convention of our country human life has been divided into four "Ashrams", and they are "Brahm Charya", "Grihstha", ‘Vanprastha’ and ‘Sanyas’. If we mould our life according to this "ashram" system, we can excel ourselves in all fields of life. According to this system, the first part means ‘Braham Charya Ashram’ is very vital and works as a foundation.

In this part, we prepare ourselves for the challenges of coming life by worshipping the godess of learning and knowledge "Maa Sharda" and by acquiring education. A school is an appropriate place for this purpose.Though family is the first school and mother is the first teaches yet learning takes place in a proper ambience, for which a child should necessarily be sent to school at a particular age. According to the above given saying after acquiring well cultured education the fulfillment of the requirements of ‘Grihstha Asharam’ becomes sure and acquisition of well cultured education makes the below given saying meaningful

It means to say if we spent most of time of our student life in the worship of the godess of knowledge and learning, in acquiring education then we can attain whatever we want. We are proud that we are the off springs of Mother India because our country has a highly glorious culture. Being its children, it is our duty to become ablemessangers of its culture and for this we should necessarily be patriot, religious, self-respected and disciplined. The fundamental (basic) need to fulfill this is to acquire education in a well cultured environment by following a systematic daily routine. So the role of the holy temple of education is like a gardener, he continuously take care of the flowers blooming in his garden and at a proper time these flowers enrich the garden with their natural fragrance. The school as a gardener takes every care of his flowers in his garden likewise the school imparts knowledge to its students in various subjects and makes them well educated and enables them to lead forwards to achieve the goal of  "Vidya Bharti".

Sh. Anil Kumar
SMB Gita Sr. Sec. School