Required things

Hostel Uniform

Khaki Half Trousers, Sports shoes – 1 pair, khaki socks 2 pairs, one other T-shirt and half trousers , two track suit. Kurta Pyjama – two pairs for worshipping.


Soft Cloth-1, Carpet-1, Pillow-1, Bed Sheets-2, Blankets-1

Other Things

One Box (2½ x 1½) clothes of daily routine (4 pairs) under garments-4, Baniyan-4, Alarm Clock, Slippers-2 pairs, Toothpbrush-2, Shoes polish-1, Mirror-1, Comb-1, Thread and Needle -1, Tumblar -2, Spoon-2, Oil and Soil, According to requirement Towel -2, lock-1, Winter Clothes according to own requirement.

Special Warning

Jewels, radio, camera, walkman, sim card MP3 & 4, Mobile set and illegal literature are not allowed to bring in the hostel. If anything is found then the student can be rusticated.