Hostel rules

  1. Legal action will be taken if the student goes out or goes to his home without getting permission
  2. Only three days leave will be given at the time of marriage of a real brother or sister. Marriage card will also be attached with the application.
  3. No leave will be given at the time of examination, annual function or a camp.
  4. A before hand leave will be given if any one falls ill among the members of the family or himself.
  5. Rs.100/- will be daily fined if any one remains absent after the completion of the leave period. Leave can only be given in case of illness.
  6. Parents will not be allowed to meet their children in any working day. Parents can meet their children only on Sundays after getting permission from the hostel warden.
  7. Children can be sent to their homes only if the parents prescribed any specific man.
  8. Parents can contact to hostel warden for solving the problem of the child. Phone Hostel : 01744-259106  & Time will be given on Sunday.
  9. The right of changing rules is in the hands of the management.